The King’s Cross station festivals

IMG 6893 - The King's Cross station festivals
King’s Cross station – complete with helter skelter!

King’s Cross station & Granary Square hosted a two day event on 28-29 Sept. A couple of days before, the new square fronting the main line station had opened.

IMG 6911 - The King's Cross station festivals

Possibly for the first time in more than a century, the station hosted a funfair and carnival (the King’s Cross Square Carnival) with events spread all around the site, including Granary Square (the King’s Cross Journeys Festival.)

IMG 6938 - The King's Cross station festivals

Delights included a helter skelter, carousel, a road train, big wheel and all manner of Victorian parephernallia and costumes.

IMG 7013 - The King's Cross station festivals

The Victorian atmosphere of this once grimy corner of London was recreated at Granary Square, complete with smoke effects, to give visitors an idea of what life must have been like when coal was king and penny farthings ruled the road.

IMG 6975 - The King's Cross station festivals
There was loads of fun for all – from arm wrestling to a session in the stocks!

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