64, 65 & 67 New Bond Street

The entire elevation to 64-70 New Bond Street. Source: Great Portland Estates

65 & 67 New Bond Street (in fact the entire block nos 65-72) has been razed to the ground. The block’s original facade will apparently be restored after Crossrail is finished.

67 New Bond Street. Source: Google

I did not notice No 67 had a passageway with an exquisitely decorated ceiling. (This can be seen in the centre of the picture above.) This was fronted by gates with fancy ironwork. I hardly noticed the architecture along here for I always quickly walked down Bond Street – it was just too classy for me and only recently begun taking more notice of the buildings’ design.

According to GLS architects, No 67 had recently been refurbished with new floors and lifts!

Here are some views of the gated entrance & remains of the passage. Pics from  Oct 2016/Feb 2017.

No 67 was originally Johnstone and Jeanes’ a noted furniture store who later became Norman and Co. The earlier 18th C building that stood here belonged to another furniture maker – Robert Kennett’s.

The passageway was quite substantial one and assuming from the pictures I took by this time most of it had been taken apart for storage (if it is to be reused at all) leaving just the first few yards extant.

The hoardings indicate the passage has been truncated.

The entrance to 67 New Bond Street on 23rd October 2016

The same view on 6 February 2017 – the gates and passage are no-more.

GLS Architects have a nice drawing on Pinterest depicting the frontage to No 67 New Bond Street.

No 65 was at one time Bentley and Skinner the Royal Jewellers who have now moved to Piccadilly. Most recently it was a branch of Calvin Klein. At the time of writing just part of No 65 remained, including the top of the doorway with its number.

65’s number can just be seen over the top of the hoarding surrounding the site.

The one building that remains, No 64 New Bond Street, is a relative newcomer and a tight fit among the other buildings. It was built on the site of a quite small 19th Century building.

Nearby Fenwick’s has just celebrated its 125th year in New Bond Street. On its website is a postcard showing 64 to 72. The old building at No. 64 can be seen.  I show a crop from that below and it clearly shows why the present 64 is such a tightly squeezed in building!

Apparently the facades of nos 65 to 71 New Bond Street will be restored once Crossrail is completed. New buildings with increased access points and public squares will be built behind the restored facades along with offices and residential units. A huge air shaft for Crossrail exists but will be suitably disguised to blend in with the surroundings.

I’m not sure if the splendid Medici Court passage at No 67 will be restored but considering the length of time this has stood before being taken apart, it seems somewhat likely.









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