The Hod

DSC 8064 - The Hod

The Hod are a London based band from Italy. They’re often seen busking at places such as Oxford Street & Piccadilly Circus. These pics are from their sessions at Trafalgar Square in January & February 2017.

DSC 8064 - The Hod

The Hod at Trafalgar Square 18 January 2017

DSC 8039 - The Hod

Francis Petrini plays lead guitar and vocals.

DSC 8053 - The Hod

Simon Buggiani is the drummer.

DSC 8025 - The Hod

Marco Mendy plays bass/synth guitar/backing vocals.

DSC 8068 - The Hod

Francis does his fantastic jumps.

DSC 8071 - The Hod

The Hod official website

DSC 9754 - The Hod

The Hod on You Tube

DSC 8044 - The Hod

The Hod on Instagram

DSC 9740 - The Hod

The Hod on Facebook

DSC 8041 - The Hod

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  1. We are really gratefull for this guys!!It’s a pleasure to see ourselves in your blog! It really means a lot. Thank you so much!

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