Blogging & disability

A brief question. How many blogs about London are run by disabled people?

Barely any I’d think.

There are true disability blogs. These focus on issues of disability. I did have one.

To be a successful blogger (specifically not about disability) and having a focus on London one perhaps needs to be able to walk, talk, see, hear, speak and think normally.

Certainly Diamond Geezer, Ian Visits, Londonist, and other noted leading London blogs are in that category. They have huge resources and essential abilities that I don’t have.

They don’t have to face the huge discrimination I do. My posts have to be fitted around how I can live my life and how I can progress without encountering such limitations. I do find people and organizations resistant because I’m not what would be considered a normal way of doing things.

It makes it very hard work. This blog of mine is a one man band and not just one where a few notes are made or dictated into a recorder, a couple of arrangements and interviews arranged by phone, plus do a few pics and all is well….

It’s probably why you’ll find almost every possible subject amongst these pages, sometimes strange sentence structuring (which is why I’d rather not do long posts.) A reason why you will find bizarre write-ups such as ‘The Shed Lies Down on South Bank.’ Importantly it’s why you wont find interviews with people and ultimately explains the lack of a common or identifiable theme -bar the one that’s about London!

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