1:London Blog is the former London Aspie (@ wordpress.com) site!

The site is about photos, history, and a bizarre collection of curiosities related to London. Its not particularly focused on any one main theme although you’ll find quite a bit of historical research within these pages. Its about London and thats the important thing!

Why was it called 1st to start with before becoming 1:L? Its definitely not the first blog is it? Not! Its just a name. It could be anything, London Gutter Blog Press, 41st Century London blog, Sherlock blogs from 221B, or even The Queen’s view from the Elizabeth Tower. Any old name shall do in fact!

But its most definitely not ‘first’. One on its own means nothing when compared to say 100 or 1000.

It is just a name and in fact there’s no real essence to a name, so ‘1st’ could be last, perhaps somewhere in the middle, at the beginning, well before the beginning (such as the force fields that existed before the big bang), in a queue, or not in a queue, or not anywhere at all. In my view its just a blog that exists at some level or another where-ever this happens to be. For heaven’s sake I can’t even locate my blog properly within the universe itself!

In a nutshell the name’s just a descriptive function that locates the blog within the vast matrix called the Internet.

In October 2016 it was changed from 1st to 1:L. Its more of an ambiguous certainty and one I prefer since it places the blog even less in any hierarchical queue or structure that may exist.

Naturally when one considers humanity’s minuscule presence in the vastness of the universe, entropy is a strong presence, being the first natural principle that makes every human endeavour the last ever to happen – so I assume my blog is just one of millions travelling along the road to nowhere 🙂

The ‘1st’ name came up when I was fishing for possible new titles by doing a search on the Internet. I wanted ‘LondonBlog’ or something of that order, and not a long name either. Sadly that had gone but a domain search engine suggested 1LondonBlog and I thought thats the one! I’m poor at names and describing things and I didn’t want to faff about 🙂

So to start with it was 1stLondonBlog and now its 1:LondonBlog. No confusion is intended and the changes are to help – at a super-quantum level – humanity’s progress on its consistent, and rather efficient, road-trip towards a vast row of zeroes 🙂

My Skills – true concrete proof of my inabilities!

I have two substantial UK tourist/history websites – successful in name but nothing more. I do a small law research blog where I regularly remind people crime is not exclusive to criminals.

I have written a number of articles for various magazines and photography for local London newspapers.

Currently I am somehow managing to complete a successful orbit of the Sun each annum. Thats must surely be a true test of my abilities 🙂

I suppose that’s all the boring stuff said!

Hope you enjoy my blog. If you dont, there’s plenty of other blogs out there, some very desperate for your attention 🙂

Note – I’m an autistic person who is deafened, non-verbal & acts, even walks rather clumsily (as some will attest.) Well there’s nothing exciting about that unless there’s some prejudice or aspiration to discriminate – factors that are quite excitedly enforced by a few biased humans.

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Bonjour

    You made me laugh – not an easy thing for a grumpy old man – and you have some truly great pictures – wheres the ‘Like Everything’ button.



    1. I dont think there is such a button! Perhaps WordPress would consider?

  2. Thanks, your background in London history is to be honoured too 🙂

  3. 1st London Blog
    Greatly appreciate your enlightening work
    Grove Rd power station, recalled well: actually owned by Central Electricity Supply Co, not METESCO. Both used Peachey & Reilly, architects, hence the misunderstanding?
    Sean H

    1. Thanks for the comments. St Johns Wood had two power stations hence the confusion. Have amended the offending article 🙂

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