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  • DSC 0767fi 380x260 - Canary Wharf Winter Lights #1

    Canary Wharf Winter Lights #1

    Canary Wharf Winter Lights this year runs from Tuesday 16 to Saturday 27 January. This is the first of a couple of posts or so from the Isle of Dogs featuring a selection of the exhibits there. Later in the week  I will be covering London’s much bigger Lumiere festival.

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  • DSC 3497fi 380x260 - Legible London - The original scheme

    Legible London – The original scheme

    Its just over ten years since Legible London signs first made their roots on London’s streets. Everybody’s been tweeting, blogging, about the 10th anniversary of these signs. However this is a look at whats left of the original 2007 scheme. Where were the original monoliths/miniliths/fingerposts located? And do they still exist….

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  • DSC 0558fi 380x260 - Coffee Pot Tales #1

    Coffee Pot Tales #1

    A new series on London Underground’s coffee pot signals! We shall look at each station that still has these century old signals still in service, plus a bit of history and background to each signal and coffee pots in general. At the time of writing, these signals will be in service for perhaps a couple or so more years before being replaced by the most modern up to date signals.

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  • CCI08012018 0002fi 380x260 - London Bus Photos – Route 237

    London Bus Photos – Route 237

    Route 237 – Shepherd’s Bush to Sunbury (Three Fishes)

    Another bus route scanned from my photograph albums compiled many years ago. The 237 went from Shepherd’s Bush to Sunbury Village for just nine years. Its Routemaster services finally ended in February 1987. The 237 and its sister route 37 (as well as those to Staines) meant Hounslow garage had quite a good stretch of bus services right across southern and south west London. By the time the 237 had ended it was just one of two London RM routes (the other being the 279) left to venture outside Greater London.

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  • DSC 0128fi 380x260 - Is Crossrail being delivered late?

    Is Crossrail being delivered late?

    Crossrail, a concept that has existed since the 1970s, had its bill finally passed in 2008. Its central core route (Heathrow-Abbey Wood) was meant to be opened in 2017. Its now 2018 and its obviously a year later than the originally envisaged opening. There are no trains running in service on pure Crossrail tracks yet! We have eleven months to go and even this seems somewhat tenacious.

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  • CCI01012018fi 380x260 - London Bus Photos – Route 150

    London Bus Photos – Route 150

    Route 150 – Aldgate to Victoria Bus Station

    This really should have been a 30th anniversary post in the summer of 2017 – however these pictures were found over xmas! The bus route concerned is not the 150 which runs between Becontree Heath and Chigwell Row (which didn’t run on Sundays anyway.) Its a different route and one that had Routemasters! Obviously its a London bus route that’s been practically forgotten with just one very scant mention on the Internet.

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  • DSC 0050 380x260 - London’s festive sights - spaced out

    London’s festive sights – spaced out

    Happy new year 2018! And another Xmas lights installment! People will think I’m starved of ideas for posts, simply staving off the day admission be made that there are no more useful posts or topics to be published on this blog. How wrong they are! Anyhow I do want to publish this xmas stuff. I enjoyed doing so many photographs, seeing, enjoying discovering the different themes that illustrated a London Christmas.

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