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  • DSC 0603fi 380x260 - Xmas Knightsbridge Rhino!

    Xmas Knightsbridge Rhino!

    Remember the Knightsbridge Rhino? I wrote about that earlier this year.

    Its now a Christmas Rhino! Fully fledged in Santa Claus costume. How did they get those xmas clothes on? I mean a Rhino wouldn’t be easy to measure up. Think of the struggle trying to hold it whilst it has its measurements taken!

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  • IMG 0375fi 380x260 - The Piccadilly Line Extension: Cockfosters 3

    The Piccadilly Line Extension: Cockfosters 3

    This is the third and final post on Cockfosters station, at the eastern end of the Piccadilly Line, following the series that took us from Finsbury Park through Arnos Grove for the actual anniversary of opening on 19th September 2017, and then further instalments covering Southgate, Oakwood and finally Cockfosters. Here we take a look at the latter station’s main environs including the mini bus station, entrances, roundels, and briefly the depot and its sidings.

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  • DSC 0426fi 380x260 - München Looping 3

    München Looping 3

    As some of you will know, the famous Oktoberfest roller coaster the München (aka Olympia) Looping made a return to Hyde Park for this year’s Winter Wonderland. Publicity for Winter Wonderland in the London papers during the weeks running up to the November 17th opening night included pictures of the ride.

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  • IMG 5871fi 380x260 - Winter Wonderland 2017

    Winter Wonderland 2017

    Winter Wonderland is back. Its official opening was on 17th November and it’ll be open everyday (except Xmas Day) until New Years Day.

    Most of the popular rides are back and some new ones too. The layout this year is mainly similar to last year however the big difference this time is the inclusion of a huge Bavarian theme section, which has changed the western side of Winder Wonderland, meaning somewhat fewer rides this year.

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