New look for St James’ forecourt

Today's news is the historic palace which has one of the few Tudor structures left in London, will get a new prospect. The present road layout is to be replaced

The Emirates Air Line

Another quick post, mainly pictorial, just a few words. Need a few more days rest from the mania of typing out tomes of stuff! This is London's own cable car

Heathrow Dis-Connect

A quick post, mainly pics and a just few words on the last day of the Heathrow Connect service. From tomorrow (20th May 2018) TfL will be taking over the

London’s world of waterways

Just a short post! I'm not able to type well at the moment due to possibly strain injury - instead of the usual lengthy tomes (yes there's more waiting to

The Snow Hill lines’ 30th anniversary

Today is the 30th anniversary since Thameslink began its public services through the Snow Hill tunnels beneath the City of London. On this day the line's full timetable of services

London’s Low Line (Part 2)

This is the second part of the Low Line article. As I mentioned in the previous post, the Low Line route at Great Suffolk Street is perhaps the most confusing

London’s Low Line

Bankside's Low Line is London's response to New York's High Line. Instead of walking along the top of railway viaducts this takes one along the bottom of the many viaducts

Reshaping London’s tube for the future

Two new tube lines for London - without anyone really noticing! I actually wrote this in November last year on top of the series covering the Piccadilly Line's extension to