DSC 6415fi - City Spires & Towers #8

City Spires & Towers #8

A couple of revisits in this year's first posting of City Spires & Towers. The biggest change is perhaps 22 and 100 Bishopsgate which more than a year ago were

DSC 0308fi - Lymington Pier & Nig Banda

Lymington Pier & Nig Banda

This isn't a write up on some rap character called Nig Banda who hails from Lymington! Its more about a scale map I have of the railway branch from Brockenhurst

DSC 6256fi - The Thameslink tunnels' 150th anniversary

The Thameslink tunnels’ 150th anniversary

Another Thameslink anniversary that has come around in 2018! This is an important one as it also denotes the very first day in question when the Midland Railway began serving

IMG 5410fi - Another Europe

Another Europe

This is a new photography exhibition based about the west side of King's Cross station. The subjects depicted are generally traditions and cultures specific to each of the 28 countries

DSC 0087fi - London's Bug Hotels

London’s Bug Hotels

This isn't some dodgy London hotels that have a bug or two in their rafters! Its the art of conservation in fact. These are genuine attempts to provide homes for

IMG 5203fi - Woolwich ferry's last trip to town?

Woolwich ferry’s last trip to town?

Saturday the 8th came and went - it was also the last ever day the Woolwich ferry's MV James Newman came and went from the city too. This time next

IMG 4668fi - St Augustine's Tower EC4

St Augustine’s Tower EC4

St Augustine's church, on the east side of St Paul's Cathedral, is one of several city churches whose tower is the sole remnant. Its proximity shows just how close the

SAM 6766 - London's 'Roman baths'

London’s ‘Roman baths’

London's Roman baths are quite well documented and said to date from the 2nd Century, however they are not really such historic remains often touted. They are more of a