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Legible London & other missing files

Many people comment on the fact many original files and documents related to Legible London are no longer to be found on TfL’s website – or anywhere else for that matter.

I’ve added a few other goodies discovered along the way!

That’s true to an extent, however here is a list (with links) to other sites where pdfs of original legible London documentation can be found.

Legible London – A Wayfinding Study 2006 – This is one of the very first documents preceding now iconic system of signs found all over London (and indeed many other cities around the world too!) Link

Legible London scheme evaluation in new areas 2010 – Not exactly a lost document but nevertheless not in any way easy to find on TfL. Link

Legible London System Architecture 2010 – Older design guidance document found on a Brazilian blog. Link

Inclusivity Report April 2010 – There’s been concern the signs are not inclusive. They’re great! Just not for the blind (eg braille) or other specific disabled users. This TfL report from 2010 was found on Disability UK’s site and tries to address some of these difficulties. Link

Walk This Way: Making walking easier and safer in London October 2010 – Not exactly a Legible London document. Its by the GLA and discusses the benefits of walking, has references to legible London. Link

Wayfinding and Walking in London 2013 – Presentation given in Vienna during 2013 and found on Impacts website. Link

Other stuff

Links to transport related stuff,including bus maps, tube maps etc!

TfL Complaints Report 2011/12 – Although TfL has a complaints report page with links to publications from 2013 to date, this is an earlier one. Copy stored by Datapress. Link

Accessible bus stop design guidance 2006 – TfL have new one dated 2017. This old doc is at NACTO. Link

Better Streets: Delivered Learning from completed schemes 2013 – superseded by Report #2. Urbandesign. Link

TfL Colour Standards 2009 – Currently Issue 4 (2016). This older one is courtesy of Metro Models. Link

(Note: Metronet Models have stopped hosting their TfL Colour Standards 2009, however its available here.)

Transport 2025: Transport vision for a growing world city – found copy on CiteSeerX. Link

Getting Londoners Moving: Boris Johnson 2009 – Copy at Guardian. Link

TfL Investment Programme 2010 – Copy on Ascenda. Link

Your Tube: Publicly Run, Privately Built – Original DTLR document on PPI at National Archives. Link

1967 tube stock farewell tour 2011 – Copy at Street Lights Online. Link


Crossrail: Moving London Forward – Copy on Royal Town Planning Institute site. Link

MTR dispute re stand-by trains on Great Eastern route 2016 – Office of Rail & Road site. Link

Tube Maps

Tube Map November 2006 – London & Partners site. Link

Tube Map April 2008 (in French) – London & Partners site. Link 

Tube map 2010 edition – BBC. Link

Fab collection of tube maps 1999 to the present – Swansea University Computer Society. Link

London Wide Bus Maps

North West London Bus Map 2009 – Copy on Californian website.  Link

North West London Bus Map 2015 – Brunswick Park School site Link

North East London Bus Map 2016 – Copy on College Emile Laroue (French.) Link

Central London Bus Map (date unknown) – Copy on Californian website. Link

Central London Bus Map complete 2015 – Telford Public Transport site. Link

Bus Spider Maps

Buses from Clapham Junction 2011 – St Georges Hospital site. Link

Buses from Shoreditch High Street 2010 – London Shoreditch Hotel site. Link

Buses from Crystal Palace 2012 – Crystal Palace Festival Site. Link

(Note: have stopped hosting their bus map – however its available here.)

Buses from Hammersmith 2008 – The Treehouse, Barnes wesbite. Link

Buses from Camberwell Green 2002 – TACT website. Link

Buses from London Bridge 2014 – Copy at Boppin Bunnies. Link

Buses from Hackney Wick 2014 – Copy at Kopparberg Urban Forest Link

Buses from North Acton (Gypsy Corner) 2012 – Copy at Holiday Inn London West. Link

Buses from Sloane Square 2013 – Masterpiece London site. Link

Buses from Bethnal Green 2012 – Tower Hamlets Council site. Link

Buses from Elephant & Castle 2016 – Copy at University Arts London. Link

Rolling Stock Data Sheet (1st ed) 2003 – Metronet Models website. Link

(Note: Metronet Models have stopped hosting their Rolling Stock Sheet 1st Ed, however its available here.)

Rolling Stock Data Sheet (2nd ed) 2007 – Copy on What Do They Know. Link

Rolling Stock Data Sheet (4th ed) 2016? – Copy at What Do They Know. Link

Please remember that links changed and files get removed hence some of these wont always be available. Any new ones I find (or others let me know about eg by way of the comments section) I’ll put them here. As of July 2018 some URLs have indeed expired or suffered link rot – in lieu of that I am hosting copies of those files.

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