Euston HS2

Since January the first major moves to begin the new controversial HS2 project have begun. Despite recent protests, work has gone ahead and many trees outside Euston station were cut down. I regularly travel through the area by bus and have seen the progress. Today (Monday) I took pictures.

Hoardings have cropped up all around the west side of Euston Station. Road closures have been effected. Many businesses, including offices, a pub, a union headquarters, and a major photography store have all been closed – either retired off or relocated, For example Calumet have moved to Commercial Road.

Fencing all around Euston Square gardens. Surveyors in abeyance taking measurements

Personally I think the money for HS2 could effect other more useful and better rail improvements including new and faster sections of main line railway to by-pass bottlenecks or improve problematic stretches and save perhaps 10-20 minutes on journeys. However I’m not qualified to express such views therefore this is simply a record of what is happening at Euston.

I expect this could well be an occasional series highlighting the controversial developments at Euston.

Melton Street at junction with Euston Street. Walkden House TSSA union offices shut

The Cottage hotel in Euston Street. This was the first to be affected by compulsory closure order

Local pub the Bree Louise all boarded up. Building behind is the former Victoria Line control centre

The Calumet photography warehouse has closed. Now merged with Wex Photo in Whitechapel

New information boards sprouting up, explaining the works and proposed archaeological investigations

The Leslie Green Charing Cross, Euston & Hampstead station (now a ventilator/emergency access facility) is not a listed building, but is on Camden’s list of important historic buildings. Its right in the middle of the redevelopment area and a quick look at the plans shows its clearly making way for HS2. Its very sad.


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