Bustitution shit rears its ugly head again….

Yes! Britain’s railways are once again managing their incredible assault upon the sensibilities of rail passengers as buses are brought in to ferry passengers to or from Gatwick… you thought Redhill-Gatwick in February was a one off? Nope. Who needs trains when buses are clearly better? Today’s debacle is once again proving the point that these rail replacement services clearly have a philosophy that’s central to making rail passengers’ journeys so much better!

Despite warnings the railways have failed once again – and its the same stretch of track all over again! Two hour queues for fantastic buses just to be taken onwards to some other godforsaken rail head. They’re warning people not to travel! People have had to give up and return home.

The queues are being described as ‘dangerous.’ People say at least twenty buses are needed for each train that arrives but it seems barely more than a handful are being provided per service. One woman says her ‘mum had to step in and help with crowd control.’ Rail watchdogs are saying its Redhill all over again.

The motto of Britain’s railways should be: On your bus!

The Sun

BBC News

Update 00.30am 7 May: ABC’s report tonight exposes rail’s bad planning & management.

Update 12.00noon 7 May: Letter written to the Standard on 4th April 2018 reflects the situation. Passengers should be able to sue the railways for not providing rail services…. After all, a replacement bus isn’t a train! Not only that, the mentality of using bus replacement services in regards to engineering/maintenance has to end.

Letter 4th April 2018 (sorry for poor scan)

Network Rail blurb at Paddington. Shouldn’t it be ‘Working for the bus industry?’


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