“An amateur doing a very bad job.”

“Just so, so, boring!”

“This blogger has no clue what history entails.”

What planet does he think he is on?”

“Does he really have any sense of photography?”

“If he publishes one more post I’ll scream blue murder.”

Just a selection of quotes from some reviews on the blog!

Now its time for some ‘facts…’

The blog claims to be about the city’s history, transport, happenings and other bizarre curiosities, perhaps sometimes even some posts featuring somewhere outside of the capital.

The domain ‘1LondonBlog’ is just a name. As there’s no real essence to such, ‘1st’ could be last, somewhere in the middle, at the beginning, or not anywhere at all – as is usually the case with most human constructs. A proper name is needed otherwise the Internet wouldn’t know where to look! The blog is just one tiny piece of garbage, lasting no more than a few nano seconds in that huge vastness of that time, and like every vestige of human endeavour, is destined to vanish into nothingness. We’re all going to hell! Zilch is the future 🙂

And the bad news? The whole blog’s just made up. There isnt a single verifiable fact to be seen anywhere on its pages. All the subjects covered are make-believe. Hours and days are spent conceiving the most fallacious accounts on London – just to make myself look impressive.

The far worst news? I am managing to complete a successful orbit of the Sun each annum. Those who wish I would vanish from existence desire so because I violate the conditions necessary for life. To them disability is an abhorrence – even in this so called day of great equality. In other words – I shouldn’t be here.

Technical: The blog is written on an old Toshiba P200-140 dating from 2007. It runs blazingly fast with a SSD & Windows 10. Like me, it hasn’t given up the ghost yet!

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  1. Bonjour

    You made me laugh – not an easy thing for a grumpy old man – and you have some truly great pictures – wheres the ‘Like Everything’ button.



    1. I dont think there is such a button! Perhaps WordPress would consider?

  2. Thank you for following me and George Bradshaw in London! Considering your background I am very honoured

  3. Thanks, your background in London history is to be honoured too 🙂

  4. 1st London Blog
    Greatly appreciate your enlightening work
    Grove Rd power station, recalled well: actually owned by Central Electricity Supply Co, not METESCO. Both used Peachey & Reilly, architects, hence the misunderstanding?
    Sean H

    1. Author

      Thanks for the comments. St Johns Wood had two power stations hence the confusion. Have amended the offending article 🙂

  5. Hey London Blog,
    Some great pictures and write-up on our ‘Flotilla’ Install! Just wondering if you would be able to share your great pictures with us? Events@merchantsquare.co.uk

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Author

      Thanks. Yes its okay as long as you link back/acknowledge ALondonBlog as the source of photography.

      1. Hey London Blog,
        Yes ofcourse that is no problem!

        Are you able to send us through the high res?

        Let me know.


        1. Author

          Hi you should contact @maidavalenews about this thanks.

  6. Hello , is there any way I can get in touch with you privately please? Thanks a lot, Linda

    1. Author

      Hi you should contact @maidavalenews about this via Twitter thanks

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