This is a follow up to the original Back of Waterloo post covering the history of those streets I wrote about in October last year, these being Roupell/Theed Streets, Cornwall Road etc. These historic thoroughfares are just a minute or two from the main Waterloo Station, whilst Waterloo East stationRead More →

The London Mithraeum is the City’s latest historic site to open. Its part of the Bloomberg building which I have written about here. Formerly the Mithraeum was located some 100 yards to the north in what was considered a most unsuited setting, and worse, it wasn’t actually how it shouldRead More →

This week is the anniversary of the commencement of Piccadilly Line services from Northfields to Hounslow West on 13 March 1933. This day was also the start of the service at the other end of the Piccadilly Line, from Arnos Grove to Enfield West, a subject I have covered considerablyRead More →

Euston Square station – the old Met timetable so many loved has gone. Progress over the past couple of days is slowly obliterating much of the 1960s/1970s tiling/decor along the platforms and in the ticket hall. It seems to me the contractors have temporarily abandoned the quest to remove the 1930sRead More →

Remember the Arnos Park viaduct mystery? How many arches did it actually have? Here’s another Arnos Park viaduct mystery. Well sort of – because the answer happens to be a massive balls up… Let me explain. Arnos Grove station has an exhibition on its footbridge detailing the history and constructionRead More →

The end is nigh for the old tube posters & timetables revealed at Euston Square last summer. These made the station quite a talking point. Besides these posters there’s the old corporate line identity, 1930s tiling and oodles of pre war advertising panels on parts of the platforms. One ofRead More →

Bodgers store in Ilford closed today (28 Feb 2018.) It was essentially the last of the iconic department stores the town once had. Other famed departmentals such as Wests, Harrison Gibsons, etc had succumbed many years ago. I always found Bodgers fascinating, being the more unusual of the Ilford departmentRead More →

Headstone Manor is a fascinating place! A couple of blogs (Ian Visits & Diamond Geezer) wrote about the re-opened historic venue some weeks back, nevertheless Headstone Manor is still a novelty because its not widely known – it’s certainly most recommended. The manor dates back to c1310 and its moatRead More →

Just a quick post today! Last week I wrote about various aspects regarding corporate London Underground decor, like those at Euston Square but including the little known ones that can be seen at the western end of the Cannon Street tube station platform. I had not known about the latterRead More →

Almost fifty and a half years ago the very first Victoria Line station opened. What?? No that can’t be possible, the line didn’t open until later in 1968. This is no anniversary of any sort! Get your facts right LondonBlog! Please let me have a say, thanks! This new station’sRead More →