Its hard to find continuity errors in 2001: A Space Odyssey however here are some that I do not think many have discussed. These are specifically the hotel room shots. Just one main element from these scenes is usually examined and that is the clothes inadvertently left on the bed.Read More →

Today is the 50th anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey. This post is about the London locations related to the film, plus a look at the film’s UK premiere, including a run down of the actual date in question and the errors that were perpetuated when stating the date ofRead More →

This Easter its fifty years since the classic space film, 2001: A Space Odyssey had its world premiere at the Lowe Theatre in Washington D.C. Despite being an American movie, 2001 was in fact one of a number of US films entirely made in England. Hence the credits: Made atRead More →

A London Blog has featured The Prisoner before… the ‘Mountains’ play quite a big part in the series. Which summits could be seen? A look through the Prisoner episodes filmed in North Wales revealed surprises with regards to the Snowdonia (Eryri) mountains. Most of the area’s prominent summits including SnowdonRead More →

For most of February and into March 2018 Abbey Road studios have featured hearts outside the premises as part of the celebrations originally based around Valentine Day (and perhaps the connotations with Sgt. Pepper.) Love is in the air! Visit Abbey Road Studios to leave a Valentine’s message for theRead More →

Louis Charles Alexander (L.L.D., F.R.C.S., F.R.Hist: S) is not a well known London based author except for one other book which is too of some disrepute besides the one we will discuss below. L. C. Alexander was a learned man and a member of the Society of Authors. He wasRead More →

Everyone knows Blackpool Pleasure Beach is invariably Britain’s biggest seaside theme park. But it wasn’t always like this. One of Britain’s biggest was officially closed down 45 years ago this month – although by this time it had practically become derelict. It was affectionately known as ‘The Kursaal.’ A hugeRead More →

The Henry Moore exhibition at One Canada Square – Indomitable Spirit: Henry Moore Draped Seated Woman 1957-58 takes a detailed look at Moore’s famous sculpture which is affectionately known as Old Flo. It resided in the grounds of the Stifford estate in Stepney for many years. When it was firstRead More →

Following on from the first three posts this looks at some of the other Lumiere London 2018 installations that were missed out on the first evening at the South Bank. Certainly other blogs and tweets suggest the South Bank wasn’t very well served in terms of identifying which were theRead More →

Lumiere London in 2016 was blessed by largely dry, but very cold, weather. The reason I mentioned that in the first post is because weather forecasts at the start of this week (15th January) had predicted a dry early start to the four days of the 2018 festival with rainRead More →