Angerstein wharf branch accommodation crossing in South East London. It’s fascinating and a must see – especially for those who never leave the City – like me! This must be the only one like it in this country and its almost on a par with the foot tunnel under theRead More →

Today is the 13th April 2018 (and its a Friday!) 150 years ago on this day the Metropolitan and St. John’s Wood Railway was opened – the opening day in 1868 was on a Monday! The Metropolitan and St. John’s Wood Railway was first incorporated on 29 July 1864 andRead More →

The iconic setting under the large concourse roof at King’s Cross station was once again a setting for the famous Ffestiniog railway. Two of its locomotives plus the replica Ashbury carriage, built at Boston Lodge Works, formed the centrepiece of the exhibition just a month ago. The locomotives were Velinheli andRead More →

Just a quick post today! Last week I wrote about various aspects regarding corporate London Underground decor, like those at Euston Square but including the little known ones that can be seen at the western end of the Cannon Street tube station platform. I had not known about the latterRead More →

Two days ago Geoff Tech had a video about old tube roundels plus an old Met timetable at Euston Square (this timetable has been visible for months by the way, along with a number of old posters exposed too. I don’t know why the station’s in a strange limbo state,Read More →

An older Jack Burton (he had some big trouble in Little China) finds himself rescuing a railway station from the clutches of modern day Royalists. The railway station, deep below docks, is the underworld in question. Yes you guessed, its the battle between the ‘C’s (common-sense) and evil (the ‘E’s.)Read More →

A selection of pictures from today’s London Winter Run. Its the fourth such event but the first for me. The day itself is significant because its held on World Cancer Day. Missed the start as it was 10.45am when I arrived! According to the blurb its said there would beRead More →

The third in the series on London Underground’s coffee pot signals! Since publishing part two, the discovery of an old photograph of Earl’s Court station has prompted some changes hence this becomes an extra post, however it will be important in relation to a later post covering one of LondonRead More →

The huge expansion at Victoria tube station has been taking quite a long time. The new Cardinal Place was closed last weekend for works, but I dont think that was connected to the opening of this other new bit. The long awaited new and large Victoria Line ticket hall extensionRead More →

How did coffee pot signals come about? They obviously originated from both platform and train staff handlamps, as well as kerosene lamps placed behind semaphore signals or buffer stops. In fact it is known some of the Metropolitan Railway’s signals out towards Aylesbury used a style that were essentially aRead More →