The London Mithraeum is the City’s latest historic site to open. Its part of the Bloomberg building which I have written about here. Formerly the Mithraeum was located some 100 yards to the north in what was considered a most unsuited setting, and worse, it wasn’t actually how it shouldRead More →

The Walbrook’s not been seen plying between the streets of the City of London for centuries. Everyone knows its lurking down there somewhere as some glorified, almost forgotten sewer that eventually finds its way into the River Thames. I have an interest in London’s lost waterways, and indeed written previouslyRead More →

This summer has seen an exhibition at the London Transport Museum, as well as several online articles and a good number of tweets, covering the excellent work by women depicting various adverts for the London Underground. Many of these are vintage posters. It depicts works by artists from as earlyRead More →

A follow -up post to One, two, three, let’s swing! This is a quick look at what the Tate Modern is doing in terms of SUPERFLEX’s new conceptual/interactive arts installation at the gallery. In my previous post I mentioned the orange and silver framework would go outside the gallery, creating aRead More →

The V&A’s £55m new courtyard: ‘Like a Marbella beach bar airlifted to South Ken.’ That’s the view of the Guardian! The V & A Aston Webb screen and entrance to the Sackler Courtyard. I didnt think anything of the sort I thought it was actually a normal sort of BritishRead More →