DSC 1027fi - On The Edge

I saw large crowds gathered about the south end of Westminster bridge, and wondered what was happening. The first pictures I took were of this guy hanging over the edge. Like everyone else who had gathered to watch, I wondered what he was up to. Initially I thought maybe heRead More →

IMG 2493fi - Minchenden Oak - Forest Creatures

My visit to the Minchenden Oak in Southgate was on a quiet summer Sunday morning, about 10.30-11.00am. I found the scenes quite difficult as the sun was so powerful it was hard to bring out detail in my photographs. The sun was more or less right behind the oak treeRead More →

1878sml - Eadweard Muybridge

Eadweard Muybridge whom you probably know is the famous photographer, the first ever human ever to show how humans and animals moved. Muybridge was a pioneer in photography when you come to think about it, he found new uses for the medium, and this was at a time when photographyRead More →

IMG 8090sml - Sasha Broad-Kolff - with 'No Permit'

I havent featured many buskers recently however I was fortunate to see Sasha Broad-Kolff partnering with No Permit this afternoon in Trafalgar Square. They make a great duo! Sasha is from New Zealand, a regular at Trafalgar Square, and often partners with others such as The Hod and Marc Sugier.Read More →

IMG 8012 - Hey Fortnum & Mason - Ur sign is broke!

1LondonBlog Saturday 28 July 2017 Fortnum & Mason 181 Piccadilly W1A 1ER Dear Fortnum and Mason, This afternoon I happened to past by your store. I was merely on my way from the Prudential Bike Ride to Piccadilly Circus via the quieter back roads. The broken sign in Jermyn Street.Read More →

DSC 0043 - Diamond Geezer Challenge 1: Barking

Diamond Geezer: “Some so-called London websites never write about Uxbridge, Barking and Penge because their remit is geographically blinkered.” It is claimed London blogs rarely feature some of these places? I would like to correct this and write about Barking, Penge and Uxbridge on my blog. As a matter ofRead More →

IMG 6417 1 - Charlotte draws the crowds!

I usually spot Charlotte Campbell by the London Eye, although on this particular occasion she was by the Jubilee bridges and this is the first time I have seen her there (although she does perform there regularly) I suppose its because of the time of day or my inability toRead More →

DSC 6586 690x500 - City Spires & Towers #6

The future skies…. The Scapel’s name says it all. The one that cuts the skies up…. Those once thought the tops reflected in the windows of the new conquistadors. The spires of old were meant to solve our problems by way of meeting the human minds with the skies, whereRead More →

DSC 0755 - Customers at Barbican

Just a quick post, passed through Barbican station en route home yesterday late afternoon, thought I’d try some quick shots of the customers at the various stations along here, the best were of the Barbican because of the light and shadows. I tried an analog effect on the photographs –Read More →

20170503 113654 - A Wonderful Sign!

There’s a wonderful sign just off Great Ormond Street referring to ‘G. Bailey & Sons, Horse & Motor Contractors.’ The firm specialised in road haulage and warehousing and the sign is from the 1920’s when horses were still a popular form of traction. According to Caroline’s Miscellany, the company closedRead More →