DSC 0308fi 690x495 - Lymington Pier & Nig Banda

This isn’t a write up on some rap character called Nig Banda who hails from Lymington! Its more about a scale map I have of the railway branch from Brockenhurst to Lymington and a practically forgotten reprographic company known as Nig Banda. The entire Lymington Town/Pier railway plan laid out.Read More →

DSC 6256fi 690x495 - The Thameslink tunnels' 150th anniversary

Another Thameslink anniversary that has come around in 2018! This is an important one as it also denotes the very first day in question when the Midland Railway began serving all the new stations from Bedford right down into Central London, long before St. Pancras station itself opened. The currentRead More →

IMG 5203fi 690x495 - Woolwich ferry's last trip to town?

Saturday the 8th came and went – it was also the last ever day the Woolwich ferry’s MV James Newman came and went from the city too. This time next year there will be two new ferries, Dame Vera Lynn and Ben Wollacott. One of these (the latter I wouldRead More →

geo ewerfi 690x495 - Ewer's Grey-Green Coaches

It is over 20 years since the famous Grey-Green coach company ceased to exist. The transport world’s popular household company had been bought out by Cowies, and on 1st January 1998 it became part of the Arriva group. In April 1998 the registered company’s name was signed off into history.Read More →

IMG 4938fi 690x495 - Woolwich Ferry upgrade begins

London’s famous free ferry service has begun its upgrade. This was announced last year but has garnered very little attention in the media. The work involves the introduction of two new low energy, clean, diesel-electric ferries with far greater capacity than the present vessels. These new ferries were designed byRead More →

DSC 0570fi 690x495 - Buckhurst Hill station - accessible or not?

One of London’s latest tube stations to be touted as accessible! Its the 74th to be made such on the London Underground network. But is it really accessible? That’s a very good question…. I watched Geofftech’s new video on tube accessible stations where he introduced Buckhurst Hill as the 74thRead More →

cl lgo 690x495 - Crossrail misses off the Central Line!

Crossrail’s very badly missed off the Central Line on their station line diagrams and there’s just no excuse for it! Here’s the background – yesterday I had just finished my Farringdon Crossrail extra and published it, when in a mater of a short time I started seeing tweets on theRead More →

IMG 0046fi 690x495 - Crossrail extra - Farringdon East

The news that the Barbican side of the Farringdon Crossrail development was finally receiving its new windows came as I had published my previous post, Crossrail – Six months to go! Unfortunately very few pictures of this latest development have been published and none I could embed into that post.Read More →

IMG 0152fi 690x495 - Class 73s at Blackfriars

Whilst walking across the Millenium bridge tonight (14th June 2018) I spotted a pair of Class 73s entering Blackfriars from the south. Even though I was walking towards London Bridge, I decided to divert to the station itself and see what was happening. Rather than retrace my steps I insteadRead More →

SAM 6040fi 690x495 - Crossrail - six months to go!

A post looking at Crossrail six months ahead of its opening on 9th December 2018. Though the 18th has also been given as an opening date recent tweets appear to confirm its the 9th. That date has always seemed more likely one as it falls on a Sunday, which meansRead More →