The art installation known as Flotilla will be around for about three or so weeks at the Floating Pocket Park in Paddington Basin. These pictures were taken on the first night when the new display was switched on for the first time, this being 15 March 2018. The boats areRead More →

Brrrr! These were the scenes in London’s Little Venice early this morning after a night of heavy snowfall. Its always difficult to decide where to go when there’s snow. Central London? The Royal Parks? Little Venice is almost always the winner because of its pretty canals, the boats, wildlife andRead More →

A comment by Tim Lewis to me a few weeks ago regarding the old entrance lock on the McMurrays canal at Wandsworth prompted this post. Currently there are many changes occurring at Wandsworth with the Ram Quarter development now very much in evidence. The canal in question was one ofRead More →

Today (6 August 2017) I paid a visit to Little Venice to get some pictures for a blog post covering Richard Branson’s boat! That post was quite a substantial one and it can be read here. I managed to do the  photographs for that eventually however in the meantime IRead More →

Today (14 November 2017) one of the world’s most prestigious artists launched his latest commission. This happens to be a pair of barges on the Grand Union Canal at Paddington. Sir Peter Blake is the guy and many will know him as the artist who created the famous cover forRead More →

Very saddened to learn London Duck Tours have ended. This post with tweets plus instagram is a short tribute. Last ever @londonducktours marked with a flotilla on the River Thames today. The amphibious ducks played a vital role in WW2 & were originally used to carry supplies from ships toRead More →

Picture of the bridge taken one evening in October 2016 Warwick Avenue bridge is 110 years old this week. Originally known as Warwick Road bridge, it was officially opened on 18th September 1907. This post has been written specially for this anniversary to show how the bridge has changed overRead More →

This post reflects the changes over the years of Sir Richard Branson’s house boat at London’s Little Venice and the arrival of the new houseboat which has been in the news recently. It must be said the new boat now being touted as Richard Branson’s houseboat is NOT his houseboat.Read More →

The Gatsby is Little Venice’s latest pleasure boat venture, and its without a doubt the smallest. Trips are a unique experience because the vessel is a mahogany and teak punt that once plied the Thames during the 1930s. Punts were very popular on the Royal River in those days –Read More →