DSC 0003fi 690x495 - London's new Berlin Wall?

A homage to the old wall that divided Berlin? The sense of being shut off from the other side. Pink trying to escape… Indeed there’s a whole music album on these types of walls, a guy named Waters telling everyone how walls divide communities and are best torn down… TheRead More →

siloamfi 690x495 - The Tolpuddle Martyrs (TUC 150th)

Today, the 2nd June, is exactly 150 years since the first steps were taken to set up the Trades Union Congress, and 2018 is the organisation’s 150th anniversary year. The TUC has a line up of events for this special year and these can be seen here. In a nutshellRead More →

IMG 2090 690x495 - A London water feature ends

This is The Rill, a popular stretch of flowing water at More London. It no longer exists. Originally three water features were built as part of the new development between London Bridge and Tower Bridge in the early 2000s. The Water Benches (alongside Tooley Street), The Rill, extending 260m (orRead More →

IMG 8807fi 690x495 - Colour Transfer at Paddington

This is a new art commission for the Paddington Basin area in the bit officially known as Paddington Central. “Liz West creates vivid environments that mix luminous colour and radiant light. Working across a variety of mediums, West aims to provoke a heightened sensory awareness in the viewer through herRead More →

CCI12052018 0010bfi 690x495 - The old Waterloo & City Line shut 25 years ago

Twenty-five years ago today the Waterloo & City Line – as London knew it closed for good. The old line or the ‘Drain’ as it was affectionately known to Londoners had reached the end of its days. Friday May 28th 1993, was a whole day of celebrations and countless numbersRead More →

IMG 9573fi 690x495 - Little Venice Cygnets

I ventured home via London’s Little Venice this evening and I spotted eight new cygnets that were out and about. Previously I had seen some pictures of them via tweets. So it was my turn to take some photos of them! The light was quite difficult as it was eveningRead More →

DSC 5899fi 690x495 - New look for St James' forecourt

Today’s news is the historic palace which has one of the few Tudor structures left in London, will get a new prospect. The present road layout is to be replaced by an island that will bring ‘dignity’ to the palace. The project is to start this week. As I wasRead More →

IMG 4190fi 690x495 - The Emirates Air Line

Another quick post, mainly pictorial, just a few words. Need a few more days rest from the mania of typing out tomes of stuff! This is London’s own cable car which goes across the Thames between North Greenwich and the Royal Docks. I took these pictures over a number ofRead More →

DSC 0143 690x495 - Heathrow Dis-Connect

A quick post, mainly pics and a just few words on the last day of the Heathrow Connect service. From tomorrow (20th May 2018) TfL will be taking over the Heathrow Connect and it will be known as TfL Rail in readiness for the new line that’s dedicated to aRead More →

DSC01121 690x495 - London's world of waterways

Just a short post! I’m not able to type well at the moment due to possibly strain injury – instead of the usual lengthy tomes (yes there’s more waiting to be finished and published…) it was decided a thumb-through of the very first decade of the magazine Waterways World wouldRead More →