This Easter its fifty years since the classic space film, 2001: A Space Odyssey had its world premiere at the Lowe Theatre in Washington D.C. Despite being an American movie, 2001 was in fact one of a number of US films entirely made in England. Hence the credits: Made atRead More →

A London Blog has featured The Prisoner before… the ‘Mountains’ play quite a big part in the series. Which summits could be seen? A look through the Prisoner episodes filmed in North Wales revealed surprises with regards to the Snowdonia (Eryri) mountains. Most of the area’s prominent summits including SnowdonRead More →

This is a follow up to the original Back of Waterloo post covering the history of those streets I wrote about in October last year, these being Roupell/Theed Streets, Cornwall Road etc. These historic thoroughfares are just a minute or two from the main Waterloo Station, whilst Waterloo East stationRead More →

I have written about Lower Robert Street before. This subterranean roadway, quite possibly built during the reign of King George III, remains one of London’s little used public thoroughfares – even though it provides a useful shortcut between The Strand and the Victoria Embankment. The view above is the ‘newRead More →

The latest innovation to be seen in London is this ‘City Tree’ at Piccadilly Circus. I spotted it on 17th March (the day after it was installed) between doing some St Patricks Day pics and photos of a march down Regent Street. The tree claims to combat air pollution inRead More →

I had a comment from TfL yesterday in response to my post on the Night Overground services to New Cross. It concerned me a bit and also I wasnt sure if it was a spoof however investigation shows it definitely came from TfL, though whom I dont know and they’reRead More →

London’s sub-surface lines, at least in part of the central and western zones, are facing some changes quite soon. These will occur during the course of the next few months and will consist of an ‘enhanced system’ between Hammersmith/Finchley Road and Euston Square stations. TfL says customers will benefit fromRead More →

London’s famous department store, Gamages, at 125-129 High Holborn, closed on this day in 1972. A. W. Gamage Ltd was one of the city’s leading stores, in fact Gamage himself innovated the idea of department stores well before Harry Selfridge came up with the idea and it was perhaps theRead More →

The art installation known as Flotilla will be around for about three or so weeks at the Floating Pocket Park in Paddington Basin. These pictures were taken on the first night when the new display was switched on for the first time, this being 15 March 2018. The boats areRead More →

The London Mithraeum is the City’s latest historic site to open. Its part of the Bloomberg building which I have written about here. Formerly the Mithraeum was located some 100 yards to the north in what was considered a most unsuited setting, and worse, it wasn’t actually how it shouldRead More →