geo ewerfi 690x495 - Ewer's Grey-Green Coaches

It is over 20 years since the famous Grey-Green coach company ceased to exist. The transport world’s popular household company had been bought out by Cowies, and on 1st January 1998 it became part of the Arriva group. In April 1998 the registered company’s name was signed off into history.Read More →

sdcard128tbfi 690x495 - 128TB sd cards!

News is hot today that future SD cards will hold in theory a max of 128TB. The new format was announced recently. It wasn’t that long ago they announced a 1TB SD card. Now its 128 times more than that size (still in exFat though.) 1TB cards haven’t even beenRead More →

ebonitefi 690x495 - London's forgotten Ebonite tower

The famous 150 foot high Ebonite tower was a huge landmark to the north of King’s Cross at Vale Royal in Belle Isle, even overshadowing the Metropolitan Cattle Market tower in Caledonian Park a little further north. The Vale Royal tower was outrageously demolished thirty five years ago this month.Read More →

DSC 0057 690x495 - Being and Nothingness

The 75th anniversary of the publication of the book! The book was first launched 25th June 1943 under the Librairie Gallimard label and dedicated to ‘Castor’ this being Sartre’s name for his beloved Simone de Beauvoir, the noted feminist. This isn’t a post that claims to be an accurate descriptionRead More →

IMG 4938fi 690x495 - Woolwich Ferry upgrade begins

London’s famous free ferry service has begun its upgrade. This was announced last year but has garnered very little attention in the media. The work involves the introduction of two new low energy, clean, diesel-electric ferries with far greater capacity than the present vessels. These new ferries were designed byRead More →

SAM 6207fi 690x495 - Christ's Hospital Sculpture

Christ’s Hospital was a noted school on Newgate in the City of London and known for its bluecoats. It was established in 1552 and three hundred and fifty years later, in 1902 it moved to the country near Horsham, where a village and a railway station of the same nameRead More →

DSC 0570fi 690x495 - Buckhurst Hill station - accessible or not?

One of London’s latest tube stations to be touted as accessible! Its the 74th to be made such on the London Underground network. But is it really accessible? That’s a very good question…. I watched Geofftech’s new video on tube accessible stations where he introduced Buckhurst Hill as the 74thRead More →

DSC 0585fi 690x495 - A cemetery no longer wanted

London has a number of famous cemeteries or graveyards with a certain air of dereliction, yet still owned and partially maintained by councils or local organisations – with Highgate perhaps the best known example – and Abney Park, Kensal Green, Norwood on the list too. The cemetery I am aboutRead More →

cl lgo 690x495 - Crossrail misses off the Central Line!

Crossrail’s very badly missed off the Central Line on their station line diagrams and there’s just no excuse for it! Here’s the background – yesterday I had just finished my Farringdon Crossrail extra and published it, when in a mater of a short time I started seeing tweets on theRead More →

IMG 0046fi 690x495 - Crossrail extra - Farringdon East

The news that the Barbican side of the Farringdon Crossrail development was finally receiving its new windows came as I had published my previous post, Crossrail – Six months to go! Unfortunately very few pictures of this latest development have been published and none I could embed into that post.Read More →