hiddenlives - Hidden Lives: The Untold Story of Urban Refugees

Hidden Lives: The Untold Story of Urban Refugees is an exhibition at St Pancras International – 6th to 31st January 2013 The project is a collaboration between the International Rescue Commission, the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, and award-winning photographer Andrew McConnell. The IRC says the work “is about challengingRead More →

meudon - Revisiting Meudon

Meudon is a major icon in the history of photograph and its often used as an example in the evolution of photographic composition. I wanted to see if Andre Kertész’s famous 1928 Paris scene still existed, so turned to Google maps for this task. Street View doesnt actually take one to where Kertész tookRead More →

photogallery - Shoot! Existential Photography

Finally made my way to the Photographers Gallery for Shoot! Just in time for the exibition closed just a day later on 6th Jan 2013! Despite some misgivings I actually enjoyed the fun of the fair! The best bits in my opinion were the series depicting Erik Kessels at aRead More →

hamptoncourt - A couple of pics from Hampton Court...

I havent forgotten London Aspie! Been thinking up new concepts for 2013 and also have a potential definition of photography as art. (Yes photography is art – its that simple!) Whilst not exactly existential photography, I’ve mentioned Hampton Court on these pages before so why not again! The day before New Year’sRead More →

d300n - Review of existential photography stuff on the web

Here’s a round of web related items that look at existential photography in its various forms – and the many elements that can be attributed to photographic existentialism. First off is Dylan McBurney’s A Form of Photographic Existentialism? McBurney discusses the existential elements of photography and how photographic aspirations are strongly linkedRead More →

d300 - Massively doctored images - are they photographs?

As the Daily Mail reports, David Byrne’s composition for Landscape Photographer of the Year won him the prestigious award. However he was discovered to have massively photo-shopped his winning image. To achieve such a result, the sun needed to be in two places at the same time! The low-res imageRead More →

d300n - Black & white or colour? Space & dimension in photography.

A new exhibition in London puts Henri Cartier Bresson’s monochrome pictures against those of colour photographs. The famous man said “Photography in colour? It is something indigestible, the negation of all photography’s three-dimensional values.” People often wonder which is better. Black & white or colour? Both are great actually. WeRead More →

d300n - Existential Photography Competition

Competition? About Existential Photography? Yes, why not! Actually its a competition that has ended – but one which I’ve just discovered. (perhaps this is the gist of all ends having a new beginning LOL) Digital Photography Review has just run a competition: The existential photographer – reveal yourself. Digital Photographer says of itsRead More →

d300n - Why I am an existentialist photographer

Why I am an existentialist photographer? Why not? Lets look at this from another perspective. Famous British philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote a book on why he was not a Christian. Marx wrote copiously on his philosophies but he claimed he was not a Marxist. Has anyone ever written a bookRead More →

d300 - Why am I not a photographer?

Why should I be known as a photographer? Can’t I just be myself? Couldn’t I call myself someone with a camera fad? Do I have to ask if this question’s really important? Bertrand Russell wrote a book on why he was not a christian. Marx wrote copiously on socialism butRead More →