DSC 1282a - Measuring the Queen's lamp posts

Guys measuring the lamp posts at Clarence House… enjoy 🙂 The gates to Clarence House. This was once a public thoroughfare to St James’s. And the guys with the ladder? The lamps look perfectly fine. Who’d have thought the glass needed replacing? If you are interested, Clarence House’s open everyRead More →

DSC 1315 - Drummonds' drive-in

Did you know Drummonds Bank (now part of Royal; Bank of Scotland) once had Central London’s only drive-in bank? Whilst these are a common feature in the US the UK never really took up the idea. The UK’s first ever drive-in bank was at Toxeth, Liverpool (Westminster Bank) followed byRead More →

IMG 9632 1 - The Mall at night

Some scenes from a series of shots I did tonight around London’s The Mall. This is the road that leads to Buckingham Palace.Read More →

IMG 1996 690x500 - Whitemall Bokeh

I did some experiments with bokeh this afternoon/early evening. Trying to achieve an artistic look. This is perhaps the best of the set! The shot was taken in the Mall looking towards Buckingham Palace as people and cars headed east. The main central figure is a female jogger. The secondRead More →

IMG 9579i - Its that time again!

Roses and flowers of all kinds are showing their beauty at this time of year in London’s parks and even on the periphery around Buckingham Palace. This shot is of the southern flower bed opposite the palace and this time of year is great for flower shots. Red is aRead More →